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Do these things payout and last?

Our payout is actually quite rapid, one of our best systems is our 24kilowatt turbine which we have had up here in Kansas and through quite a few storms.  On our longevity page can take you into further details on life span, but for pay out our system can pay for itself in 5 years.  Kansas is a net metering state, which means that your meter will turn backwards and you will be credited for that at the same rate that you pay for power so it cancells out your bill.

What unit should I look into?

Reguardless of the type of system some basic rules apply.   Size needs to be determined by a profesional and what you are trying to achieve.  While a larger unit makes more power, it also costs more money up front.  The larger units however have more producing days due to their larger size   So if you are looking at it from a business sense of making a return on investment which is really the main point, then the larger system the better.

What makes your turbines better?

Honestly all turbines work the same, wind makes them produce electricity.  Our advantages come from tower design (our are easy for you to let down yourself to work on them rather than hiring a crane), controller design (rather than complex computers we simply use an series of fault relays making them far less likely to fail), and perhaps more than anything costs.  Our units installed prices are typically half of our competition because of our above mentioned advantages in addition to the fact that they are made right here in Kansas so we have no middle men or import fees.

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What does it costs?

That all depends on your site, your output goals, average wind or solar exposure, and the type of system.  There is no cookie cutter one size fits all senario, everything we do is custom built from the generator heads or panel racks to the controllers.  Anyone selling you a ready-to-go or assembly line unit will usually be selling you a bunch of stuff you don't need or that won't work for what you are doing.  Bottom line, when a person starts talking about certian models that comes with this or that, then it's not what you need to be looking for.  There are just to many variables to give an up front price, and exposure and site layout must be done by a professional to know what will and won't work.  The USDA does have programs that can help pay for your system as well, you need to contact them though for the specifics and to fill the paper workt.

Wind or Solar?

The main thing affecting this would be cost. Our wind turbines cost rougly $2 per watt of production ability, while solar costs roughly $9 per watt of production ability.  Part of the reason is that solar will always produce even if it is cloudy while a turbine requires wind.

What about independency?

We have both solar and wind options that can be grid connection free and give you back up power during storm outages.  These battery systems can be scaled to any size and even added to as time and financing allow.  These are also smaller turbines (3'-6' blades) because they turn a DC rather than AC generator so they can be placed along the ridge of a shed for instance or a grouping could be attached to an old tower.
You can e-mail us at  or call us at 785-737-8188